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NEW Camera phone from DORO.
Doro, manufacturer of the worlds largest range of easy to use mobile phones, prepares to launch the 615gsm clamshell mobile phone NOW complete with 'one touch' camera!

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Our selection criteria Our selection criteria are relatively simple. Our products must be stylish well designed, easy to use solutions that make your life easier.
What is inclusive design? "Every design decision has the potential to include or exclude customers. Inclusive design emphasizes the contribution that understanding user diversity makes to informing these decisions. User diversity covers variation in capabilities, needs, and aspirations." 
University of Cambridge, Engineering Design Centre
Some of our trusted brands We take the time to build relationships with the best, most experienced specialist manufacturers and suppliers: 

Bellman & Symfon
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TV listening
Television provides a great source of enjoyment for many people but when listening becomes a strain much of that pleasure is lost. Sennheiser cordless TV listeners produce clear intelligible speech and rich quality music. Whether you chose to listen discretely on your own or enjoy your favourite shows with the rest of the family, you can control your desired volume independently without affecting others.
personal listening
There’s nothing more relaxing than simply enjoying good television or listening to your favourite music, but in a noisy world this can often be difficult. Whether your preference is for discreet listening to favourite shows or sports, immersing yourself in rich classical music or a little more clarity we have just the solution you’re looking for.
personal alerting
Relaxing with a good book or other pass time is all part of enjoying life, but you still want to remain aware of events around your home. Maybe it's the telephone ringing, smoke alarm, or someone at the door you will always be aware and never miss out on that special delivery! A cordless alerting solution will grab your attention with sound, light or vibration, even if you are asleep or out in the garden.
It’s good to talk, to check up on the family or to keep up to the minute with important plans and arrangements. Maybe your telephone is just a business tool, a fashion accessory or a connection to distant friends. Whatever your needs we have a solution; corded, cordless or mobile,
there's a model that's right for you.   
cordless phones
The latest cordless telephones allow greater freedom of movement around your home. Features like an address book, choice of ring tones, volume controls and even flashing alerts are all contained within modern lightweight handsets.  And if you would like a second or third handset in another room, without installing extension cables, you'll be set up in a few minutes.  
mobile phones
Love them or hate them, the ubiquitous mobile phone is here to stay and you really shouldn’t leave home without one! Even if it will be your first one, a better one or one to dazzle your friends with there are several to choose from and a range of colours too. 
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